Monday, October 1, 2012

Post Gnomon Live

This weekend I had the great opportunity to attend the Gnomon Live Workshop.  It was an incredibly intense weekend with over 20 hours of lectures from some of the best concept artists in the film and game industry.  Each artist did a little presentation about themselves as well as a demo about how they aproach their individual workflows.   It was incredible to see the range of approach that each artist would take to complete a project.  Some would approach things incredibly methodically, with intention in every step they took, while others seemed to just fly by the seat of their pants through the process.  Personally, I really enjoyed the guys that just went crazy with it (Kekai Kotaki and Cecil Kim in particular).

Here is a list of the artist that presented.  I highly recommend taking a look at some of their work as they are all very talented.

Fausto De Martini
Kekai Kotaki
Anthony Francico
Laurel Austin
Jaime Jones
Cecil Kim
Ian Joyner
Jerad S. Marantz
Anthony Jones
Wes Ball & John Park

The entire weekend was inspirational, as well as a kick in the pants to get moving on some new projects.  Here are a few quick paintings I did this morning and last night attempting to adopt some of the techniques and strategies from a few of the artists from the weekend. They are pretty rough and could use some cleaning up, but they was loose and quick which is what I was going for.

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